great food makes great friends

We believe that food should always be fresh, flavourful, and fun.

So when two farming friends from North Canterbury, New Zealand were faced with a surplus harvest back in the summer of 1996, they got together to preserve their delicious summer fruits using old family recipes and turn the robust flavours into something truly sensational. Those first fruit pastes awakened taste buds, as well as long-forgotten food traditions, and set the stage for our full line of products and flavours.


Our goal is to make ordinary flavors sing with gusto…and then do it all over again with the next bite.


Today, Rutherford & Meyer is a thriving team of foodies with a passion for remarkable products and distinctively complimentary flavour combinations. Our group of gastronomes are obsessed with food and have channeled their charcuterie wishes and camembert dreams to a broader product range that amplifies the taste experience and turns a plain Jane cheese board into the talk of the town. Our all-natural fruit pastes, fruit spreads, rice wafers, gourmet wafers, and fruit flavoured honeys are made from only the freshest ingredients with no artificial colours or preservatives, just as it should be.

We make mouthwatering bites for people just like you, so bring your good spirits (and the wine) and elevate your taste with Rutherford & Meyer. Hooray!

want to learn more?

We’d love to chat. Contact our team to find out more about Rutherford & Meyer products and where to purchase them near you.