fruit paste

Fruit paste is a scrumptious, velvety bite of New Zealand nostalgia that adds a tangy twist to anything from a creamy blue cheese to an aged cheddar.

Our pastes are carefully crafted of real, all natural fruit in a range of intense, vivid flavours so that you are getting only the most delicious taste sensations. Our fruit pastes are designed to awaken the palette and kick your cheese’s flavor profile up to eleven.

Our fruit paste comes in a convenient container just the right size for a soirée. Thinking even bigger? Fruit pastes are also available in large-scale food service packs ideal for restaurants, cafes, hotels, and airlines.

FLAVOURS & Pairings


Divine with a creamy blue cheese


Fantastic with mild cheese or a soft creamy blue


Great with soft white cheese such as brie and camembert


Limited edition flavour!


Superb with goat or sheep milk cheese or a creamy blue


Amazing with camembert and goat’s cheese


Perfect with aged cheddars and goudas


Superb with sheep and goats’ cheese

Serving tips

Run a knife around the edge of the opened container to loosen the fruit paste. Then, gently pry the paste from the container with the tip of the knife and turn it out onto a serving platter.

Fruit paste has a firm texture and is designed for slicing, not spreading.
But don’t worry—it’s easy to slice with a cheese knife so you can cut it to your desired size right there on the cheese board. And, it can be heated and combined with sauces, glazes and stuffings for an inspired meal.

Feeling creative? Fruit paste can be sliced, carved, and twisted into an infinite number of shapes and arrangements.

what we’re made of

Rutherford & Meyer fruit pastes are made of … fruit. That’s it. You’re not going to find any artificial colours or preservatives in our fruit pastes, just fresh, juicy bursts of real fruit goodness. And, of course, our fruit pastes are naturally wheat, gluten, and dairy-free.

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