Fruit Spreads

Rutherford & Meyer has taken the work out of fruit with its new line of fruit spreads.

By heating ripe, flavourful fruits with sweet, natural sugar, we have created luxuriously thick and rich fruit spreads that are bound to become your favourite food accessory. Pile a dollop of Guava Spread onto a gourmet wafer, spread it onto a rice wafer, or slather some savory Fig and Mustard Spread onto a succulent ham. Whatever combination you choose, your guests are sure to sing your praises … and begging for the recipe.


Fig & Mustard

Delicious gluten-free chutney spread designed to add to a cheese platter, serve with your favourite meats, or as the perfect accompaniment to a Christmas ham.


Guava Spread can be smeared on bagels or toast, used it to make muffins or is fantastic on a cheese board.  This all natural, gluten-free spread made from delicious guavas is bound to be a favourite.


Rutherford & Meyer fruit spreads are made from fresh fruits and sugars, with no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. Just the real, intense flavours of fruit in a gooey spread that packs a tasty punch into each bite.

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