Honey Plus

New Zealand bees are very, very special and treated with the utmost of care. So when we set about to combine our delicious fruits with pure, New Zealand honey, we did so with great reverence and care.

Our flavoured honey brings the hive right into your home with a distinctive combination of New Zealand clover honey and the freshest summer fruits.

It’s spreadable, dunkable, and drizzleable, so don’t be shy about diving in with a forkful of waffle. And as a natural source of carbohydrate, it will help kick you into high gear on even the sleepiest of mornings. Honey Plus is naturally gluten free and contains no added flavours, colours or preservatives. Just the best honey from the most industrious bees, plus a little help from your friends at Rutherford & Meyer.



Spread a layer of Honey Plus over a cheesecake once it has set


Spread ricotta cheese on Gourmet Wafers and top with a generous dollop of Cherry Honey Plus


Add 1 teaspoon of Apricot Honey Plus to a cup of green tea

Golden Kiwifruit

Top toasted bagel generously with a layer of Golden Kiwifruit Honey Plus

what we’re made of

Our gluten-free Honey Plus is 70% pure goodness of fruit and honey with no added flavours, colours, or preservatives. Its pureness makes Honey Plus an inherently good sweetener and a good source of natural carbohydrate. The slow releasing energy of the honey and fruit means you can enjoy the taste—and all of the benefits—long after the last drop.

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