Rice Wafers

Our gluten free rice wafers combine the subtle flavours of rice with a crisp, lightly-baked texture to create a unique and elevated taste experience in three delicious flavours.

You can enjoy them with your friends or keep them all to yourself for a quick and tasty snack. And, like our gourmet wafers, they are the perfect pairing with a variety of cheeses and accessories like our fruit pastes and fruit spreads. With so many combinations of delectable bites, boredom is never an option.



A wonderful blend of natural ingredients with the slightest hint of cheddar.

Poppy Seed

Subtle flavour of Poppy Seeds brought together in a delicious, light wafer.

Cheese & Chives

Combining the full bodied flavour of Cheddar with the fresh taste of Chives.

what we’re made of

All of our crispy rice wafers are naturally gluten free and made from the highest quality, all-natural ingredients with no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. Watching your waistline? No worries. rice wafers are low in fat and have no trans fats.

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