Sustainability pledge

Did you know that $940 billion dollars worth of food is wasted every year? This wasted food is left to rot at landfill which causes irreversible damage to our earth’s soil, water, and air.


Snack your way to a sustainable future

While it’s downright SILLY to waste such a huge amount of food, money and energy, it’d be pretty nifty if we could convert that waste into something else.

In fact, at the Upcycled Grain Project – that’s just what we do, with our upcycled crackers, bites and bars made with ‘spent’ brewers grain!


Close the loop

We’re dedicated to closing the resource loop by rescuing ingredients before they’re discarded and upcycling them. We minimise waste and make the most of existing resources by turning what’s already out there into something nutritious and delicious.

But we need YOU to be as hungry for change as we are!


Snack smarter

As overwhelming as the stats may seem about the state of our planet, the answer to minimising our carbon footprint might not be as complicated as you think.

Reducing food waste is the #1 effective solution to global warming which is why we’ve made it easy to make a difference with our range of protein-filled, nutrient-dense, high-fibre snacks – that taste GREAT too.

By taking the pledge, you commit to battling climate change by:

Seeking awareness – Taking action – Inspiring others