A Guide to the Entertainer’s Essentials; Creating Platter Perfection

A Guide to the Entertainer’s Essentials; Creating Platter Perfection

When it comes to the pleasure of entertaining, creating delicious platters is half the fun!

Putting together a totally ‘grammable platter isn’t as easy as it looks, so we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks on how to make the perfect platters from the real experts – you guys (our Facebook fans)!


The brighter, the better!

We eat with our eyes, so your platter should be bursting with colour. Add pops of colour by using fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as striking dips. Have fun with it – we’re talking bright red strawberries, butternut hummus and our Beetroot Cracker Bites.


Variety is everything

All palates are different, so your platter should include a variety of flavours and textures. Think sweet & savoury, creamy & crunchy - you get the idea.

We can’t forget about our friends with dietary requirements, so be sure to include a dairy-free, nut-free and gluten-free option like our Rice Wafers. 



The real hero of any platter. Having three cheeses creates a nice balance - something creamy such as camembert or brie, a blue cheese, and a hard aged cheddar or gouda.

Top tip: Cheese is best served at room temperature as it allows the flavours to fully develop. Remove your cheese from the fridge around 60 minutes prior to serving.



Cured deli meats such as salami, prosciutto and chorizo add a delicious saltiness to any platter, and when paired with cheese you can create mouth-watering combos.

Top tip: Roll or fold your cured meats to prevent them from sticking together. Trust us, it saves a lot of hassle.



A variety of cheeses calls for a variety of crackers. Think different textures, flavour profiles and sizes. It’s always good to have a neutral crispy carrier like our Gourmet Wafers and mix that up with some fruity or nutty flavoured goodness with our Love Local range.


Fruit pastes and dips

The power of fruit pastes and dips are amazing! They bring out the very best of your cheeses and deli meats. The sweetness of our Fruit Pastes beautifully enhance the flavour of a cracker piled high with brie… who knew brie could taste any better?


Fruit and vegetables

Garnish your platter with fruit and vegetables. Not only will they complement other accompaniments on the board, but they also cleanse the palate.

Of course we aren’t just talking fresh here. Dried fruits offer an intensely sweet flavour, while pickled or deli vegetables such as gherkins and olives add an element of tanginess and saltiness. These items are easy to snack on.


Bits and pieces

Smaller bits and pieces such as nuts, pretzels and chocolate are great fillers for any gaps you have on your platter, and no one can deny they are delicious to nibble on!


Assembling your platter

  1. Place your larger items on the board first such as cheeses, dips and deli vegetables – the latter two are best served in small dishes to minimise mess. 
  1. Take your medium items and begin to fill in the gaps – crackers, fruit paste, fruit & vegetables. Keep things close to create a sense of fullness and decadency.
  1. Fill in the remaining bits with your smaller bits and pieces like nuts and chocolate. This way your platter will be bursting with food and far too tempting!


Get plattering and tag @rutherfordandmeyer in your platter creations on Facebook and Instagram. We would love to see them!


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