Grass-Fed Cheddar: what is it and why?!

Love Local Cheddar paired with pesto and a cherry tomato.


Here at Rutherford & Meyer, our philosophy is centred around the idea of using the finest, 100% natural ingredient. So, after deciding we wanted to make a cheddar-flavoured cracker, we knew it had to be Grass-Fed cheddar.


You may be wondering what is grass-fed cheddar and why is it so good? Allow us to explain.


Grass-Fed products have been crafted using milk from cows that have grazed on lush, green pastures year-round. We’re lucky here in New Zealand, as we are one of the few places where this is actually possible! These cows feed on a diet of natural grasses which makes for happy and healthy cows. To quantify it, 96% of the cows’ diet is grass and 97% of their time is spent on pasture.


Why is this important? Happy and healthy cows produce the finest milk. Not only is it naturally flavoursome, but it's full of nutrients and minerals such as calcium, B vitamins and conjugated linoleic acid, which is a ‘unique healthy fatty acid’. You know the saying ‘you only get out what you put in’ – so, of course, this milk makes for truly delicious and nutritious cheddar cheese.


It’s fair to say we’re very excited to be introducing you to our perfectly crisp artisan Grass-Fed Cheddar Cracker – the newest addition to our Love Local family.

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