Banish those Winter Woes!

Banish those Winter Woes!


Winter can be a tough time for us all - the cold, the rain and of course being dark by 6pm.

But, we have some tips to help curb those winter woes!

Warm the soul

Mulled wine is the perfect after work treat – we like to make ours in a crock pot with a block of dark chocolate and a stick of cinnamon. Pair this with our Love Local Fig & Walnut Art Series Crisps and your favourite soft cheese, you have a cosy winter evening.


Treating yourself to a delicious, warm breakfast is a must. Why not whip up some pancakes and drizzle over your favourite Fruit Pastes. All you need to do is slightly heat up the paste on the stove top.

Keep it Social

Making sure to see friends and family is a must in the colder months – socialising helps raise our natural oxytocin and dopamine levels, which help lower our stress (keeping us happy and healthy). Why not invite your friends over for a platter evening, filled with scrumptious treats for everyone to enjoy. We’ve even got your gluten-free friends covered with our Chickpea Cracker Minis.  


We know, why would we put exercise on this WINTER woes list? Well, exercise is one way to keep yourself healthy over the winter months. Why not just jump out of bed (in your cosy pyjamas) and do 20 star jumps – what a way to get the blood pumping and warm yourself up in the morning.


After you’ve done your 20 star jumps why not head to the kitchen to make a mouth-watering meal. We have a lot of recipes on our website to keep you excited for cooking meals over the winter months and incorporating your favourite Rutherford & Meyer products. Why not start with our Fig and Orange Scrolls.

Do you have some winter tips of your own you’d love to share with us – tag us in your Rutherford and Meyer creations @rutherfordandmeyer and #rutherfordandmeyerathome we can’t wait to see how you keep the winter woes at bay (one of you may even receive a wee treat from us)!

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